Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ativan For Dementia How Much Morphine And Ativan Is Too Much When Do Comfort Measures On A Dying Patient.?

How much morphine and ativan is too much when do comfort measures on a dying patient.? - ativan for dementia

I am a nurse and I was caring for a terminally ill patient this week and the family wanted me to morphine 2 mg iv per hour, and Ativan 1 mg IV every other. The patient was responding, and a respiratory rate of 8-10 with periods of apnea. I wanted to give the staff was very co-operative death. Is it fair to give this money?


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Yes, it is time that is in a doctor's prescription. There is no upper limit * for the use of morphine and Ativan in a situation of palliative care.

Morphine is useful not only for pain, but the lack of air. With periods of apnea and describe the morphine is very advantageous.

Is this a situation of palliative care IMO there is really no amount of PRN drugs, even if orders within the doctor. This person will die anyway, and is the best thing to believe that pain and suffering because they are not in a position to defend themselves. It is a quiet double room of the family wants it done, I took care of hospice patients whos families have unrealistic expectations about the effects of drugs to patients about the results and see the suffering is terrible.

These amounts will not be too easy for a patient in the final analysis, we must also remember that this person could have been a long-term users of opiates, and Ativan, and therefore have a strong resistance to drugs.

Have the ability to help the suffering, deathPatients through the use of palliative care is a sacred and special.

If you have any questions can be answered: http://www.hospicenet.org/

Take care and thank you very much for doing hard work,

EDIT Normally I would agree with the previous post, but made clear that it is a means and thus the methods and philosophy are treated very differently. Not lead many nurses in hospitals in this situation because the majority of hospice patients able to die at home or in a care center for seniors.

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