Friday, November 6, 2009

Perimenopause And Thigh Pain How Could You Tell That You Were Going Through Perimenopause Or Premenopause?

How could you tell that you were going through perimenopause or premenopause? - perimenopause and thigh pain

At what age, he does everything for you?
Your menstrual period is heavier and / or you have missed or late for them?
You feel like you are losing time?


ivillage... said...

Many women begin to change in their menstrual periods in the late 30s and early 40s experience. This is the beginning of the perimenopause, the variable amount of time before menopause, the complete loss of ovarian hormonal function. During perimenopause, ovulation may be sporadic, such as hormone levels fluctuate. Some women may not take place, periods of heavy flow, or skip. More like PMS symptoms that can occur, especially mood swings.

To learn more about the comments by Dr. Kelly Shanahan during perimenopause: ...

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